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SIZE: 210mm x 210mm, soft cover, gate folded     

PAGES: 152     

ISBN: 9780994675101     

Heinrich van den Berg, Philip and Ingrid van den Berg     

The international success of Heinrich van den Berg, both as a photographer in his own right, and as writer of books such as Reflection and Shades of Nature which showcase his work, makes him the leading authority on black-and-white photography in South Africa. In this, the fourth book in the Photo Tips Series, he reveals his "trade secrets" for capturing and creating beautiful and striking black-and-white images, through familiar and easily-grasped tips.  

Not all masters are teachers. How fortunate, then, for the reader and aspiring photographer that Heinrich van den Berg's excess of talent and experience is so easily accessible through his considered, flowing explanations and tips. Simple and yet filled with meaning, each tip, whether professional or general, is easy for the reader to conceptualise, despite their being strikingly original. His holistic approach to the art of photography coupled with ease of explanation makes this book a must for any fan of black-and-white photography.  


SIZE: 116mm x 161mm

PAGES: 176

ISBN: 978-0-620-41935-2

Philip and Ingrid van den Berg, Heinrich van den Berg. Text by Ingrid van den Berg

This excellent book’s size belies its incredible utility. The perfect companion to any foray into the savannah, Game Drive includes not only beautiful photographs of a wide array of birds, mammals and reptiles, but informative text which is both extremely compact and highly comprehensive. All statistics that could conceivably help a viewer to identify, catalogue and learn about each animal are provided in concise and clear format. The Latin and colloquial names for each animal are included, along with the Afrikaans, French, German and Zulu names. The listings are given ratings for rarity of sightings, and each animal a tick box for viewers to mark upon sighting.

The region colloquially known as Greater Kruger is the most famous wildlife conservation area in southern Africa. The area includes the world-renowned Kruger National Park; several privately owned game reserves; and a contractual park. This region also forms part of the much larger Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which spans international boundaries and includes neighbouring game reserves in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Game Drive - Safari Guide will help you make the best of your guided game drives in this region.


SIZE: 220mm x 280mm

PAGES: 144, hard cover

ISBN: 9780620612906

This coffee table book reveals wonderful and unique aspects of South Africa. Not only a visual and pictorial exploration of the country, it also contains useful and interesting information that accompanies the images. South Africa - The Big Picture reveals the enchanting beauty of the country – from key attractions to the best-kept secrets – showcasing not only the cultural and natural diversity, but also highlighting the essence of this fascinating part of Africa. The country has much to offer, from captivating cities with high-rise buildings, a bustling economy, and luxury accommodation, to traditional rural settlements, untamed wilderness, traditional culinary experiences and intriguing wildlife. Visitors and locals alike can discover in this book a South Africa they never knew existed.


SIZE: 260mm x 200mm, Integra soft cover 

PAGES: 200 

ISBN: 9780994692481 

Philip and Ingrid van den Berg, Heinrich van den Berg

The game drive is a South African institution of an activity, and this book an excellent companion to one. The authors have chosen to focus on mammals as the often-time star attractions of a game drive - after all, the Big Five are all mammals! As usual, the Van den Bergs deliver stellar work with beautiful photographs and text which is filled with information, without being verbose.


Author Biographies: 

Heinrich van den Berg is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, and is also an accomplished writer and publisher. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Van den Berg is well known for pushing the boundaries of photography to create explosive images that are as beautiful as they are emotive.   

Van den Berg heads his own publishing company, HPH Publishing, and has successfully published over 40 full-colour wildlife titles since 2001. His books are highly acclaimed for both their quality and content.   

Heinrich and his wife Dana travel extensively in search of unique images, always with an eye for the unusual and a new perspective on the known world. Although Dana is a new addition to the team, she has already contributed substantially to the pool of photographs in the HPH Image Library.   

 Along with other photographs from the HPH fold, Heinrich has featured prominently in numerous coffee-table books, calendars, magazine portfolios and other photographic publications worldwide. Both national and international magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, TERRA, Terra Sauvage, the New York Times, the Times of London, Getaway, Africa Geographic, Go! and numerous others have published HPH work.   

Van den Berg also shares his photography knowledge through exclusive workshops held in various parts of southern Africa.   

Husband and wife award-winning photographersPhilip and Ingrid van den Berg share a love of Africa and all its facets. It is their passion to capture unique moments in nature and share these with readers, through the pages of their wildlife books. Based in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, and now retired from careers in environmental education and biological sciences, Philip and Ingrid have transformed a love of photography into a full-time ‚"hobby", with several acclaimed wildlife books to their credit. With their extensive knowledge of the natural world coupled with their scientific backgrounds, they are an integral part of the HPH team of photographers and writers.



SIZE: 170mm x 120mm         

PAGES: 80        

ISBN: 9780620602419         

Sue Barnett and Ingrid van den Berg     

A charming story that will not only educate children on African wildlife, but also gently teach them about kindness, compassion, bravery, and the importance of family.

Author Biography  

Susan Barnett lives in South Africa on a game farm in Limpopo with her husband Barry. They moved up from the Cape 8 yrs ago to run the family business, Maduma Boma. Her love of wild life photography grew while living in the Bushveld. She started writing stories for her grandchildren who live in Vancouver and Sydney. This is her first book.