Tara the Terrier


SIZE: 152mm x 225mm

PAGES: 128

Rosemary & Robert Forrester

Robert arrives in Colombia with a surprise for his wife, Rosemary: Tara, a Jack Russell puppy. Join this adventurous couple on their yacht cruising around the world, their exciting adventures on land and sea include tales of tsunamis, modern-day pirates, corrupt customs officials, many new friends – and near disaster off the Australian coast!

Author Biography

Rosemary left England in 1947, when her parents bought a farm in South Africa, and later went farming in Rhodesia. She married Robert, born in Zimbabwe, in 1968. In 1974, they bought a camping Land Rover and travelled for one year with a parrot through South America, finally settling in Rio de Janeiro, where they owned a day sailing boat. When Robert's brother died young of cancer, they decided life was too short, bought a yacht, and cruised the world on-and-off for the next 20 years, 10 of which they were joined by Tara, their Jack Russell terrier.