Phototips - Principles of Nature Photography

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TITLE: Phototips – Principles of Nature Photography

AUTHORS: Heinrich van den Berg, Philip & Ingrid van den Berg


BINDING: Soft cover, gate folded

With Phototips – Principles of Nature Photography, the Van den Bergs reveal their secrets – secrets that have kept them at the forefront of nature photography for many years, and that have enabled them to create the compelling images for more than 20 magnificent coffee-table books. Instead of producing an in-depth encyclopaedia for nature photographers, the Van den Bergs have opted to keep Phototips simple and to the point. By showing an image, and then revealing a tip for both beginners and pros based on that image, they have produced an unique book. In addition to the tips, the Van den Bergs teach readers how to take images similar to those in the book – how to think when capturing the image and which camera settings to use.

Principles of Nature Photography covers the basic aspects of nature photography. The chapter photogear deals with the importance of the right equipment, and how to use the equipment you have to its full potential. In photocapture all aspects of image capture are covered, and photolighting discusses the importance of lighting and how to use light. In the chapter entitled phototales, readers will be entertained by some of the Van den Bergs' first-hand accounts of experiences on assignment. And if you are still hungry for more, photodefinitions will certainly satisfy all your needs.

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