Ja Ek Kan - Lag-Lag Deel

As made famous on local radio, the Yes I Can Book series transforms and converts everyday school material into an easy, fun and friendly way of learning, with the main purpose to the send out the message of


Yes I Can is designed as a tool, to not only give hope, but to engrave into every mind:


The easy “write and wipe” workbooks are the perfect tool for teachers (Gr RR – Gr3) and parents. The books are not only for “struggling” children, but a wonderful tool to recap the basic fundamentals. Simply use any ordinary whiteboard marker to write and then wipe clean with any dry cloth or whiteboard brush.

In the book series there are 7 subjects, each in Afrikaans and English.


Author Biographies

Willemien du Toit was born into a highly successful family as a severely dyslexic person with a number of learning disabilities.

With the loving support of her family, Willemien managed to complete her school education.  It was her dream to become a lawyer, but she was constantly told by almost everyone: “You can NOT”

“Can NOT” was NEVER an option to her, because every time she heard the words “you can-not”, she would repeat 10 times in her mind “YES I CAN !”.

Willemien managed to complete her LLB Hons degree in law in only 2 years from the University of Buckingham and a post graduate diploma at Oxford University in the UK.  This all happened after Willemien’s university professor told her: “You are one very disabled lady, go home and look after your children. You will never make it through school, let alone Law School”.

Willemien was given this incredible gift of transforming “boring” reading material into exciting, colourful pictures.  Willemien studied law by creating images of cases and statutes.  This gift of transforming learning material in to colourful pictures is the very core of “YES I CAN!”

Lillian Maseko, a 65 year old grandmother and foster mother of orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic, and Sara Hleza, a young mother of four, were both domestic workers who refused to stay where they were.  Both Lillian and Sara have overcome many struggles in life.

Lillian and Sara are cornerstones of the YES I CAN team and we can only say thank you for embodying the YES I CAN motto!

Lillian and her two daughters, Sibongile and Nomsa, are responsible for the books in the Tswana series, and Sara for the Zulu translations.

Jakolien Jordaan is a pre-school teacher who loves teaching children that they CAN!

At the age of 15, Jakolien fell of her horse and sustained severe head trauma.  After two major surgeries she was given no hope of survival, let alone a normal life.  After 10 days in a coma, in intensive care, she woke up - and was discharged from hospital on the 13th day!  She walked out of the hospital only holding her mom and dad’s hands. Due to the damage sustained in the accident, Jakolien lost many fine motor skills that she has had to relearn, but she is testament that this is indeed possible

Jakolien has a passion for embedding the message of YES I CAN! into young people’s minds.

Estelle Ellis is a qualified interior design specialist, but after her son was diagnosed with dyslexia in pre-school, she decided to stay at home.  Together they faced the challenges, and today they have a huge success story to share - and Yes, you CAN too.

Estelle has an enormous passion for people and especially children.  She has first-hand experience of finding ways and means to enforce the message of YES I CAN as a way of empowerment.

With her vibrant and open mind set, enthusiasm, practicality and lots of determination, she has attained a huge amount of experience, to motivate and encourage young and old who struggle with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Zenda du Plessis has been a business woman for over 30 years.  She has great passion for the empowerment of people, and especially equipping children of all ages. Zenda is a fun-loving and funky grandmother of two young girls.

YES I CAN and its mission to bring great change to the way children learn is not only Zenda’s passion but her heartbeat!