Fun and Games for Cats!


SIZE: 170mm x 220mm

PAGES: 128

Denise Seidl

Do you have a cat who snootily turns up his nose if you try to involve him in a game? Or perhaps your cat is a loner, reluctant to interact with you? Maybe you think that cats simply don't play games and are impossible to train ...? Then think again, as this book will introduce you to the games that your cat will want to play, and have great fun doing so!

Author Biography

Denise Seidl is a well-known Austrian expert on cat behaviour, and a lecturer in the animal psychology sector. She regularly appears in newspapers, on radio and television, giving advice to pet owners and the pet industry. Denise has written two successful books on cat behaviour and behavioural problems. Currently, she writes about animal psychology for several German and Austrian magazines and websites. She advocates the importance of games for a cat's psyche, and promotes games as a means to enhance the relationship between owner and animal.