Dog Speak


SIZE: 170mm x 220mm


Christiane Blenski

Dogs use their whole body to communicate – teeth, ears, eyes, fur, tail, body posture – and this book explains the meaning behind this body language, whilst also providing background information and practical tips. Written in a straightforward, jargon-free manner, it will help you learn to pay attention to your dog’s body signals and interpret them correctly.

Author Biography

Australian Sheepdog Jaden is the reason why author and freelance copywriter Christiane Blenski has spent the last ten years reading and writing about dogs. Her entertaining newspaper columns and books on dog behaviour, training and activities are based upon her broad experience and up-to-date knowledge, and are written in an informal, accessible way. Christiane motivates her readers to improve the bond they share with their dogs, and to be more active with them. She passionately believes that the key to a more relaxed and empathetic way of life between two- and four-legged friends is to correctly translate and understand canine body language. Christiane is a sociologist (Masters degree, University of Oldenburg), married, and the mother of two children.