What is Book-reforestation?

Books:The ultimate medium to educate, entertain and grow a society.

Reforestation: The act of planting tree seeds or young trees in an area where there used to be a forest.

Book-reforestation: Turning books back into trees.

Book Forest is an eco-conscious online book store. The aim of Book Forest is to plant a tree for every book we sell. We work with existing NGO’s who plant trees locally and globally. We will be able to track where the trees are planted. 

By purchasing books on Book Forest, you are helping to plant trees along the west coast of Madagascar. Deforestation is a huge problem world-wide. The after effects of destroyed forests are far reaching. Land that used to be productive for people living on it, becomes worthless, forcing inhabitants to move to cities to find work. And sadly there is not enough work for everyone. By employing people from local villages to plant trees and create forests, we can help to recreate an environment for the people living in these villages from which they can make a living. Book Forest wants to invest in reforestation for the sake of future generations. We want to invest in Earth. Join us today.

For every order, we'll plant one tree. We have partnered with Eden Projects and Offset Earthto achieve this.

To see the impact we have made to date, please visit

Borneo's forests are being destroyed by Palm Tree plantations. Help us recreate forests.